Hi and welcome to my Blog, my name is Paul Riddle and I live in south Leicestershire, UK. Back in August 2007 my quest began to locate as many local Little Owl territories as possible. The driving force was a reported decline in the uk numbers so I thought I would do my bit and conduct a study in my area. After 7 years and countless hours out in the field I have detected over 200 different sites. With a thirst for a greater understanding of the owls a more comprehensive monitoring and nest box programme then commenced. This also now includes monitoring the local and very sparse population of Barn Owls, please pop back occasionally and catch up with the life and times of my owls and any other wildlife that I come across. I hope you enjoy your visit!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012


Since my recent success with getting some Barn Owls in flight images another couple of visits have been made. Yesterday evening was a total flop, nearly three hours sitting and waiting in my hide proved fruitless. 

So again I visited tonight to see if the doom spell would be cast again, and it wasn't! The light was utterly fantastic, and before it finally disappeared over the horizon the male Barnie came out to play.

As he swooped in and out of the big gaps in the old buildings it gave for a brilliant "dark" background whilst still being bathed in the setting sun.

I was also very fortunate that he landed on a couple of occasions too, with his dinner.
 I'm not sure if Barn Owl watching gets any better than this?


  1. These are amazing and incredibly awesome!!! Plus...a Barn Owl catching a mouse....incredible!!

  2. Outstanding images Paul. Definately doesn't get much better viewing than this. The last image has blown all my efforts out of the water, well done.

  3. Buenas secuencias de esta bonita Lechuza.Un saludo

  4. Doesn't get any better?? Most of us would be over the moon at just seeing a Barnie! To get fantastic images like this is just astounding.

    Until nine days ago I hadn't seen a Barnie this year - then I had three sightings at two different sites in four days. Must now try and get some images of my own, inspired by your achievements.

  5. I'm a very guilty man. Guilty of breaking the eleventh commandment:

    Thou shalt not covert another man's owl images.

    Richard is right; Barn Owl images don't get better. The black background is unbelievable and the perched with vole images are incredible in their detail.

    You are the Guru!

  6. Fantastic images Paul, thanks for posting

  7. Great images Paul. That black background is like a canvas, I would not have managed those shots. The portrait shots are teriffic in the detail.
    Around Scarborough last year after the winter before I did not see any Barn Owls but we seem to have decent numbers in the area again now.

  8. Thank you all for your comments, much appriciated!

  9. Cracking Images Paul, I really like the flight shots of the Barn Owl as I know just how difficult it is to get a good flight shot - well done.

  10. That first shot is out of this world!! Really striking :-)