Hi and welcome to my Blog, my name is Paul Riddle and I live in south Leicestershire, UK. Back in August 2007 my quest began to locate as many local Little Owl territories as possible. The driving force was a reported decline in the uk numbers so I thought I would do my bit and conduct a study in my area. After 7 years and countless hours out in the field I have detected over 200 different sites. With a thirst for a greater understanding of the owls a more comprehensive monitoring and nest box programme then commenced. This also now includes monitoring the local and very sparse population of Barn Owls, please pop back occasionally and catch up with the life and times of my owls and any other wildlife that I come across. I hope you enjoy your visit!!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Landlord!

I Checked over some of my Little Owl box sites on Sunday, not a lot to report as yet apart from a pair of new residents in one of them, and a very welcome ones at that!

This is my first ever image of a Little Owl emerging from any of my boxes, lets hope its not the last!

Once he was convinced the coast was clear out he popped.

This site has now risen to the top of my "premiere list" and I can see me spending a lot of time here come the breeding season.........BRING IT ON!!!!


  1. Great news Paul, great to see all your hard work is producing some reward.

  2. these images are stunning! I want to name him Walter! haha

  3. Congratulations on your new tennant, Paul. Great images!!!

  4. Oh! - and I reckon he'll be on to you for some property maintenance soon, by the look of that roof!!

  5. Yes Richard, I'm ashamed to say "Walters" new home is in need of some roof repairs, got to leave it for now though as I don't want to disturb him!