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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Intriguingly Gruesome!

Very early this morning (Tuesday) whilst returning home on foot from dropping my poorly landrover off at the garage I came across this site. It laid among the vegetation on the riverbank, well not really a river more a back water that is off the main river. It didn't take a lot of working out what it is, or rather what it was..... a jack pike.

I do not profess to be any great expert on half eaten carcasses but the only two culprits that come to mind that could perform a task like this is mink or otter. I know mink are present in the area because I have seen them but I have also heard some rumours that otter are too?

If anyone out there could shed any further light from the evidence provided as to whether they think it is mink or otter I would be very grateful. Please either post a reply on here or e-mail me at p.riddle@fluid-solutions.co.uk many thanks Paul.

UPDATE.............. I have had some good nature detectives contact me and they are coming up with similar reasoning as to what the culprit may be. The most feasible is it is more likely to be a mink as otters usually (but not always) eat the head of the fish. That's good enough for me, a shame really as I was really hoping for otter!  

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